Chicken laying green eggs with pink spots


10 Years
Mar 26, 2009
We had a neighbor come by the other day and comment on our hens. He said his wife is asking for chcikens again. That when they lived in the south they had little chickens that laid green eggs with pink spots. He said they were his wifes and he didn't know what breed they were but he said that he hadn't seen prettier eggs anywhere. I have never seen eggs like that. Does anyone know what he might have been talking about?
I don't know. The EE's lay green eggs, and I have a chicken that lays brown eggs, sometimes with pinkish/purplish spots, but haven't heard of the two things combined. Maybe someone else will chime in. It could be that it was just an idiosyncrasy of those particular birds.
I wish I had pictures. This was just a neighbor walking down the trail that is behind our house. I can't find anything online about them so I'm pretty skeptical but thought I would ask the experts...
I did find this on Aracauna. org .uk

"Some cross bred Araucana types lay pink or even spectacular lilac coloured eggs. In fact crossing a lilac laying bird with a breed that lays brown-flecked white eggs can result in green eggs with pink spots."

Does anyone know about these or have seen these?
Does anyone else have photos of speckled eggs? It's so cool to have some variety when I collect eggs at the end of the day, plus that's what makes them different from store bought eggs.

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