Chicken leg lice issues - HELP

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    Nov 29, 2015
    I have some bantams that have leg lice. I never noticed until a woman came over to buy some of my bigger chickens, apparently they've had them for awhile as they have lumps, bumps and terrible looking growths. I've had chickens for several years and never have dealt with before. So far I've tried dipping their legs in motor oil, spraying the legs with Adams Flea & Tick spray, and last I sprinkled them with poultry dust that did have something like permethrin in it, I also sprinkled dia. Earth over them and all around the nesting boxes and hen house. Its been a month or more, and they look the same. Today I went and bought a large jar of Vaseline, but am sick of this and want the lice gone. I want to buy some more birds in the spring and I can't with this problem. Can any body tell me what to do? I don't know if I should be repeating treatments every day or what, and when should I see improvements. I read too that you should put their legs in mild soapy water after treatment and gently scrub with a tooth brush. HELP PLEASE!

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    Sorry to hear you are having problems. Do you think it is scaly leg mites or something else. Sometimes from what I understand, if it is leg mites, you may have to do a treatment altleast once a week for a while. There are several threads here on BYC where people have tried different methods and been successful in treatment. If you could post pics, that would also be helpful.
    Here are a couple of articles to get you started:
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    I use the Poultry Dust and it work great the chicken lice usually is around the chicken vent that were you should put it ,how many chickens do you have you really don't need to use anything thing else you will have to check the chickens till you don't see the lice and put on when you think that it is gone the poultry dust

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