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I'm getting ready to turn on the girls light in the coop and was wondering if a energy efficient Full Spectrum light be better than just a energy efficient one? The coop is 8' X 8" and have 6 Bantam's. We use a Full Spectrum bulb on our pet bird cage for one hour a day.
If you are turning on the light to help keep egg production up, it doesn't matter what type of light you use, except to keep in mind you want a source that is protected from excessive moisture and won't break easily. A friend of mine uses a string of white LED Christmas efficient, bright, made for outdoors, and not readily breakable.

It has been proven that chickens do lay better with extra light. That being said I have some Golden Comet hens (Sex link) that lay everyday summer and winter rarely missing a beat with no light.

If you have a good egg producer I really can not see the advantage.
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I bought a 13inch led strip at Lowe's for cheap money it's 100 lumens plugged into a timer to come on 2 hours before daylight it lights the coop up like daytime.
Just ran LED Bright White outdoor christmas lights in the coop and continues to under the shade lean-to over the food in the run. Set them to come on 2 hours before sunrise on a timer and they light up the 6x6 shed/coop and nearly the entire 30x15' run
So you don't need a Broad Spectrum light. LED bright white string lights would be pretty for winter. Thanks for the suggestions. Judy
So you don't need a Broad Spectrum light.   LED bright white string lights would be pretty for winter.  Thanks for the suggestions.  Judy

Broad spectrum would help with vitamin D during the short days but you can supplement.
I use LED Christmas string lights, too. They are very sturdy heavy plastic, nothing like the flimsy breakable pre-LED lights. I got the cheap sets from Walmart - I think they were $7 a set? Three sets on a timer light up my 8x12 coop like daylight. Each light has a clip on it, so I was able to hammer in poultry staples, leaving a gap to attach the clip to. This way, IF a string malfunctions, I can easily take it down and put up a new one.... Very happy with them!

I use rope lighting. It gives a soft, even light, nothing bright, but plenty for the birds for laying and for me when I do chores after dark. I think I paid $5 for a 25' length. I have one attached to the rafters in the run, and noather in the coop.

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