chicken limping help needed please......

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  1. grannyveg

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    Mar 13, 2013
    We have had our chickens for 2 years, they have been fine, but recently one has started laying eggs with no shells, and i have noticed her limping a bit. i have checked her and she seems fine otherwise, there is nothing i can see stuck on her foot. She was limping a while ago a bit, then it stopped and i have now seen her doing it again this week. Also last week she layed a wierd thing, that was meaty...

    There was a scare with a fox a little while ago, he got one of our girls but i'm sure the remaining too were in shock.

    We have 2 chickens in a roomy hours and pen, most days they are allowed out to roam the garden. The other chicken is fine. We feed them layers pellets, corn and they have grit/oyster shell available. They also get greens/ apples etc.

    Does anyone know what it might be? Many thanks for reading, i would really appreciate any suggestions.
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    I wish I had advice...sounds like you are doing everyting right! Hopefully this post will move you up and someone who can help will see it. Best of Luck!
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    Jan 17, 2013
    the shell less eggs could be lack of calcium also could be a clue, feel her abdomen make sure its not hot or swollen if it is it could be a internal lay and you will need to start antibotics to prevent imfection,if not swollen or anything internal check closely for injury. if no seen injury watch her very CLOSELY for any more symptoms. i wish you the best! make sure its not an internal thing. best of luck!
  4. grannyveg

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    Mar 13, 2013
    Thank you, yes i was thinking calcium deficiency so I have baked some egg shells and crushed them and added them to the pot of oyster shell. They seem to be eating it as it has almost gone today. I have seen the well chicken eating it but not the limping one so i hope she had some, i will put more out today. I also put some cider vinegar in the water, I only had the organic cooking one so i used that until i can get some special chicken one.

    I have checked her again today, I scan't see any scabs or raised scales, so not mites or bumble foot. She seems to have a red "tummy" the bit between the legs.

    Could it be something to do with molting?? i have noticed some of her feathers around, and the ones around her face seem to be coming loose.

    I don't want to bring her in as we only have two and i don't think it would be good for either. I am leaving them in their house and run and not letting them out in the garden. Although they did both escape yesterday ( the kids let them out) and the limping one is keeping up with the well one.

    Where do i get antibiotics from? We live in the uk, london, so no vets that know about chickens or farm stores nearby.

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