Chicken losing appetite and weight.


Aug 3, 2018
Orange County
I took in two, two year old healthy chickens from a friend who was moving. In a few days one of the chickens ran away. One remained, so I got two Silkie chicks for company but keep them separate for most of the time since the hen pecks the chicks.
But since the the hen moved into my place it has been losing appetite, not eating much of her favorite treats, is losing weight and is laying eggs very rarely (maybe once a week).
I am thinking its probably because of the stress of my new house and losing her childhood companion, or maybe she got worms..?
I give her everything from rice, vegetables, bread, oats, greens, fruits, etc. But she takes a few bites and moves away. And all day she just makes a brooding, sad, complaining kind of a sound and walks around, occasionally eating grass and scratching for insects. She's getting thin by the day.

Please tell me what I can do to increase her appetite?

As for the breed, I think she's either a ISA Brown or New Hampshire or Cinnamon Queen.

Thank you!
Stress could be part of it. Do you think she’s molting? She could be missing her companion. My hen walked the yard crying for her Rooster when he was removed took her about a week.
Not entirely sure if she's molting. The feathers are not falling off, but rather she's pulling them off. Don't know if its molting or she's itchy.
Check her for parasites. Since she was given to you, you really don’t know her history. Easiest way to check is to get something white paper towels, a sheet. Heck I use the hood of my car.
Give her a good feather ruffle. While you’ve got her check her right down to the skin. Look her vent over. Go slow and see what you find.

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