Chicken making a funny noise.


9 Years
Nov 10, 2011
Peterborough UK
I let my ladies out this morning and Honey my little Silkie cross is making a strange call. It is almost like she has a sore throat. Is this even possible and if so how do I help her? She seems ok in herself otherwise. She is eating fine and walking around the run.
We need more info to be of any help. Chickens have a variety of vocalizations. Silkies are known for going broody and broodies have even more vocalizations than a non-broody hen.
Does it sound like growling or screaming? Is she walking around saying rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrooooooock, rock, rock, rock?
My silkie churrs kind of like a cat purring. I have heard this vocalization after blue jays come screeching through the yard as if a hawk could be about and also when she is dustbathing.
It's probably nothing to worry about chickens can have many different calls and each one has a different voice. If you have time you could probably learn all of them it just takes a while.

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