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May 2, 2010
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I've only had my 5 chicks for 11 days and now I have 5 chicks and 11 pheasants! I posted the pics on my page. Free pheasant advice welcome

5 ees, 11 pheasants, 2 collies, and a jrt, master of all plus the Great DH
Very cute chicks. I love their names!

Your pheasants look very fine and well-cared for. If you want pheasant advice, here's something that I learned from experience: do not keep pheasants merely in chain-link fencing. It would be safest if you could put some kind of wire skirt of chicken wire or such around the bottom of the pen in front of the chain-link. I neglected to do this and on one of the first nights a raccoon massacred over half of my pheasants by pulling them through the chain-link, even though they couldn't fit on their own.

Keep us posted about your chicks and pheasants! It would be great to see what they look like all grown-up
Yes unfortunately they all escaped the first night:( . We didn't see any evidence of homicide though and a few days later I saw some of them at the side of the trail and they quickly hid in the tall grass. I hope they are adopted by some of the bachelors in the park. It's a large and diverse nature preserve so hopefully they will have proper habitat and cover. If we try again we'll know better.
2 collies, a jrt, 5 EEs and the Great Dh

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