Chicken math is real Serama mixes?


Feb 16, 2018
Central Florida
These cuties were at my local tack store today. They are smaller than my d’uccle pullet . They are so docile and sweet that I just couldn’t resist. My husband was a bit shocked when I said I bought 2 more chickens but he’s really lucky I didn’t bring the other two that I left behind .

During quarantine they will be house chickens .

The darker one has 4toes.

The tan has 5 maybe a silkie cross?
How could you leave the other two. Maybe you can get them tomorrow.
As much as I would like to I really need a bigger coop (going to add a 2nd one soon). I have 5 chicks that I have to figure out who are keepers. I told the kids to choose two girls if any of them are.

These are so small I could see how it would be tempting to keep them in the house.
:DY’all are definitely chicken enablers. My total right now is at 12..eek. I should hopefully get the number around 9 after we decide on which chicks are boys and girls. 5silkies, a d’uccle, a EE, 2silkies d’uccle mix and now these two new girls.

The way their necks go up when they look up makes me think there is serama in there for sure.

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