Chicken Math just kicked in!


8 Years
Jul 13, 2011
South Mississippi
Got my birds into their new pen today..........sooooooo..........that has created an empty pen.
Doesn't chicken math clearly state that one must not have unoccupied space!!
Time to get some more chickens!!

YES! And chicken math says you only have one peahen so you need to buy MORE. "MORE" may be peacocks OR peahens.

Let's do the proof:

1 peahen is NOT the same as ANY peacocks therefore peacocks MAY BE assumed to be ZERO (even if they are standing RIGHT NEXT TO THE PEAHEN, IN THE PICTURE (known to non-chicken-math people as "evidence")!)

ZERO Peacocks is NOT ENOUGH peacocks THEREFORE more must be purchased.

IF the number of birds in ONE enclosure is EQUAL TO OR LESS THAN ZERO, MORE birds must be purchased to fill the vacuum that the barnyard abhors.

The birds can be any species. Even ducks count, in chicken math. They count as 0.05 chickens, in the summer and count as NO chickens in the winter or during a buying frenzy, on an auction site. THEREFORE 20 ducks may EQUAL as much as one chicken... depending.

One hen and one rooster may be counted as high as "two" chickens btu since only one is a "layer", you *really* only have one chicken. Any offspring they have do not count. Those are chicks or babies and are never part of the math. You only bought two. They rest "just happened".

You may have as many as five full size coops that make a lot of noise, that contain only one actual chicken... technically.
Now that I wrote that, i want to write a long, elaborate chicken-math proof. But I'd forever want it for my signature line, always and I'd never be allowed to have it [sigh]. Too long. it could be the one-question-entry-test to BYC.

If the following makes sense to you, click [enter], if it does not make perfect , eye-opening sense, please click here and we wish you the best of luck [It's not you... it's me. We are just too different to... click? I really like you and I'd like to still be friends!]

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