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Jul 10, 2009
North Carolina Sandhills
My Coop
My Coop
After a bit of a Rodeo of chicken-catching we managed to get Ludwig, my Black Langshan rooster, 2 adult hens, and 2 POL pullets on the way to a new home.

Rooster subtraction accomplished.

I was upfront about the fact that the 2yo girl -- the Brahma in my current avatar -- wasn't a good layer, but the guy who bought them wants an ornamental flock rather than a production flock and he ended up with a nice mix of ages and 4 girls that he'll be able to tell apart.

I guess I'm in need of a new avatar. I'll have to see if I have a really good photo of Rameses -- the now undisputed founder of my flock line.
Which is the moment when I most want to build another coop :oops:
Seriously, I agonized for days, made the decisions, they are gone, I feel good about things...

State thread, someone posts about having all these chickens 1 year old, that she has to sell... and I am thinking 'Oh those looks good!' 'Look there is a breed I have been wanting... oh my, SHUT THE POST!
Whew, tomorrow, you can quit thinking about it, who goes, who stays... This chicken keeping is not for whimps.

No, I've got to sort out which of the Easter hatch pullets to keep and which to sell. :D

Now you can focus on your goals.

Yes, by late August -- which is the soonest I should be hatching anyway due to the heat -- I should be able to get pure Australorps guaranteed.

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