Chicken math - what's your story?


8 Years
Apr 21, 2011
Katy, TX
How many did you initially plan on having?

How many do you have now?

Any plans for 2012?

Curious minds want to know!
How many did you originally plan on having? 3

How many do you have now? 27 adults, 7 juveniles, 46 eggs in the bator

Any plans for 2012? MORE CHICKENS!!!!!!!!! Chicken swaps, chicken fairs, chickens on craigslist!! CHICKENS< CHICKENS< CHICKENS<CHICKENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We got 10, half were roos and I found new homes for 2 of them. Then we adopted some when a co-worker's city ordinances changed. We now have 8 hens and 3 roos. I am currently planning to order 8-11 more laying hens from Murray McMurray along with an undecided number of dual purpose birds.
I started with 8 chicks, 2 red, 2 white, 2 blue, 2 black (my girls thought it was cool to have different colors)
Then my friend said "you don't have any blue eggers" so I went back and got 2 Americaunas-up to 10. One chick died from undetermined causes so down to 9. Then my same friend had a son who had a chick for a high school biology class but didn't want to incorporate her into their flock of old meanies and mine were just teenagers so we are back up to 10. They are all full grown, laying, chickens now. We will say with 10 until about 1/2 of them are gone and then start with chicks again.
How many did you initially plan on having? 2

How many do you have now? 2 ducks led to

8 ducks

5 Geese

5 guineas

However, right now I only have 5 ducks 3 geese, 1 guinea

Any plans for 2012? Peafowl
How many did you initially plan on having? About 12

How many do you have now? Over 30

Any plans for 2012? Downsize to at least around 20
I started out wanting 10. I got 8 originally so that gave me room to add. Now one of the 8 has hatched 6 more. Now I have another one on 8 more eggs. And to think I was looking at an incubator.
I originally thought I wanted 3. Then I started researching breeds, and there were so many interesting ones! So I ordered 4 more. Then hubby said he thought some "red" chickens would be interesting to look at, so I ordered a couple more, and when I went to pick them up they were putting out bantams for sale and of course I HAD to have now I have 10 (9 hens and one bantam rooster). Plans for 2012? I've already ordered three more chicks ;)

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