Chicken Missing Butt Feathers!

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  1. Pierce'sChicks

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    Jun 3, 2011
    My mother-in-laws dog got ahold of a chicken and it looks like she pulled some of her butt feathers out. there is a big bald spot there now that is red and looks very sore. she seems to be acting ok just affraid of the dog now. is there anything i can put on that spot to help heal faster/be less sore for her?
  2. chickensarefamily2me

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    Aug 14, 2010
    Argyle, Texas
    Okay. I've had this same problem. My Brown Leghorn had her entire backside pulled off by her mates.

    Buy some horse lintiment. Black jar, yellow lid.
    Move the injured chicken inside to prevent infection.
    Weaken the horse lintiment with vaseline.
    Apply to injured area every day.

    This should work. My Brown Leghorn grew all her feathers back, and she is the only chicken left in the third and second generation. Goldie's tougher than nails, and leader of the pack. Be sure to pay attention to her; she'll get bored after a few days.

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