Chicken name help?


In the Brooder
5 Years
Apr 11, 2014
Help on chicken name? I really don't know what to name her! She is black, with a green shine in the sun, and she has gold around her neck and chest. She is also quite brave. Any ideas?
No, sorry, also she is a slim chicken with a big sticky uppy tail
Drats...wish I could 'see' her! But if you're like me I have no camera...yet! I'm going to get one real soon because I want to post pics of both my little BA ladies and the progress as I build my own coop and run....I'm dreading starting in on the project...70 years old, by myself...this ought to be fun...NOT! Nightmare is more like it!!
Also, I need some help on gender. The other one looks a bit cockerel-y to me! I will get some pics!

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