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    I have been having a good time making up unknown names for mixed chickens. It occured to me that somebody might not appreciate my warped humor, so if I have offended anyone, I sincerely apologize. But in defense of my wise cracks, giving your one of a kind original chickens their very own exotic breed name sounds like much more fun than.......mutt. So if nobody is mad at me, I shall continue with my antics. [​IMG] Keep posting those pictures!!
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    I like it! [​IMG]
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    Hey, I do the same thing. I have these two little banty chicks we hatched, and when someone asks me what they are, I say they are "cobrights". They are the product of a bantam cochin daddy mating with a sebright mama. Cochin/sebright... Cobrights! I thought it better than "bantam mutts". [​IMG]

    That's how the ameraucana name came to be.... an american fowl was crossed with an araucana... amer-aucana. So easy.
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    Quote:But that makes Ameraucanas sound like . . . MUTTS!

    Sorry - couldn't resist. [​IMG]

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