Chicken Newbie has sick chicken - messy backside, stools


11 Years
Mar 11, 2008
I'm not sure where to begin for looking for a cause. 1 of my 10 hens is just a mess in the hind area. Feathers are all matted, droppings messy and sticking to her.

I seperated her from the flock and am now going about giving the coop a good cleaning. I'll inspect the other hens but haven't noticed others with problems.

The chicken is calmer than usual, but not totally listless... what are some good first steps toward treatment?

clean her up and make sure vent is clear.

please describe the droppings..color and consistency.

observe closely for any other symptoms.(change in appetite, behavior, posture, laying eggs)

please say what ALL you feed.
has she been wormed?
if so, when? and what was used?
is she thin?
is she eating and drinking, as usual?
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You also have to clean off her bum...Start by trying to wash the ploop off. You may even have to trim some of the feathers. The ones with the fuzziest bums, like Cochins and Brahmas seem to have this problem most.
it may just be a case of pastie butt just try to clean it off you may evn have to pull it off which will probably take out some of the fuzz, but atleast there wont be anything for the poop to stick to

i have a brahma thats having this problem right now
I may not have all the answers off the top of my head... droppings seem greenish (not that abnormal) but runny. Might have been a white-ish mass too, I haven't had a chance to really clean her up.

About 6 weeks ago I tried worming them for the first time, because I thought I saw runny droppings. Out here, no one had any de-wormer, I ended up using Wazine-14, (piperazine), the only wormer I could find.

These are layers, I'm planning on watching to see if she lays, now that she is seperated.

Feed: I feed them the local "chicken mash" for layers, nothing else--they are free range, but don't do much ranging here in the Wisconsin winter. In the summer, they really don't rely on the feed, just a supplement.

Chicken doesn't seem thin, so I think she's eating.

I've had this flock for 1 1/2 years, never a sick chicken, so I'm hoping this is pretty simple. My only recent concern has been worms--I never wormed them before 6 weeks ago, and I'm not really sure I did it right. Is there a general wormer or feed that would do a better job?


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