Chicken Nipples?

i was just wondering if quial can drink out of these? Does anyone Recomend using them for quail?

Got for will never EVER regret it! No more water all over the floor of the coop, no more having to change out yucky waterers every day...while I have chickens and not quail, it works GREAT! You can see more info about how to build one (takes about 20 minutes..done!) down below here in my signature of luck to you!!
Thanks! Not that I don't believe you, but is there anyone with quail that uses them? If so what age do you start them on?
I used a smart water bottle with one nipple in the lid on my chicks at 2 days old. Worked like a champ, they are now 3 months old and I have one nipple into the bottom of a 1 gallon bucket (with 5 birds) and only fill it once a week, I could probably go 2 weeks but I like to keep the water fresh. Also words for thought. Go to the hardware store and buy an 1/8" female thread brass compression fitting.

But besides that you can teach them from day one by tapping it with your finger until there is a bead of water on it, they will see it very quickly keep the shallow bowl in their brooder though until you are sure they have figured out how to use it, normally once one starts it the rest follow (in my experience). Just make sure you don't have too much down pressure on the nipple part otherwise the little chicks wont be able to push it.
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I use cup waterers and love them for quail.

I install them with the lip of the cup at about 5" for adults so they don't walk over them and have to reach just a little to use the trigger to make the water come out. I tried a couple different kinds of nipples and the quail leaked water out of them plus they never seemed like they got enough water. They would keep bopping the nipples trying to get water and drops would go everywhere including a few in the quail's beaks. With the cups they don't have to keep bopping the trigger like the nipples so there is no water leakage. They just drink their fill and go on their way. I'm very happy with these. I start them out with the cups as soon as they can go on wire.
Definitely go for the horizontal nipples (see iwiw60's photo above). I used to use the vertical version and it's a mess with water dripping down whenever the birds drank water. Wet poop is not fun. Horizontal nipples are a little more expensive but well worth it (no dripping!) I started them at 2-3 weeks. May need a few minutes of "training". I use a long thin stick to poke at the pin so water would sip out to the little holder cup. The birds got curious, drank from the cup and soon figured out how to "activate" the pin themselves.

If you install a lot of nipples, it's worth it to buy the pipe tab to thread the PVC pipe. Otherwise it's a pain striving for a tight fit with no leak. Good luck.

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