Chicken Noobs: mark your fake eggs!!

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May 10, 2020
Chester, Nova Scotia
My Coop
My Coop
So today I went to collect my egg I knew our one layer had been working on before I left this morning. I was delighted to find 2 eggs along side the 2 fake eggs I had in the nest box. So now we have a green layer (Roberta) and a little brown layer. I was so excited, I went in to inspect the other 2 girls vents to determine which one had joined their sister in laying, I suspect Lizabeth.
I was in weighing the eggs thinking hmm now that I have a brown layer I should mark the fake eggs so I can tell them apart - isn’t that a brainwave I should have thought of sooner?!
So down to the nest box I go, pencil in hand. I pick up the first fake egg, mark FAKE on it, I pick up the second fake egg and think, well this is heavier than the other, and looks smaller. Hmmm... back to the kitchen I go ‘fake’ eggs in hand.
the fake egg was 1.1oz, the other fake egg and is 1.7oz (49g). Still needing to verify, into a dark corner with a flashlight I go, the fake egg is still dark with the flash light against it, the egg in question, light passed through.
Good lord, I’ve had another new layer since at least yesterday, and I didn’t even friggin know it! Lol
So now, I take the real fake egg back down to the nest box, and search for the other real fake egg, it was buried deep in the straw! Apparently they were like ‘we got this mama, we don’t need your fake crap anymore’ lol I marked this one anyways and left it in the nest box.
So chicken noobs, be smart, and mark your fake eggs before your girls start laying lol

Newly marked fake eggs:

Our collection since last Friday:
We have good balls in the other nest, they don’t like that one :idunno
I use golf balls too......I swap them around to see if it makes a difference which nest they use. Location seem to be the strongest factor.

I was trying to mark them on the down low, I thought anything darker may encourage egg pecking!
Nah, it won't bother them for long, if at all.

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