Chicken not as active - laying down to eat


Aug 9, 2019
Central Wisconsin
this 10 week old Dominique is always laying down to eat or sleep she is less active than others.
No other symptoms.
I separated her from the others to keep watch. Poop normal color and consistency.
She is roosting at night but I will see if she does it again. Will get up if approached. Tends to step on her own toes but they look normal.
I am kinda lost.:( What do you look for? Should I leave her with the others? She lays down and pecks at grass or weeds.
Legs don’t look injured and she will walk fast away. I been hand feeding her so I see she eats.

Would you not separate them?
I don’t see anything else wrong with this chicken. Less active than others and often behind or on its own
Can you get a fecal float done by your regular vet to rule out coccidiosis or worms? The other alternative is to go ahead and treat her for those with Corid in the water for 5-7 days, and to give her Safegard Liquid Goat Wormer or Equine paste 0.25 ml per pound orally for 5 consecutive days. I would give her some vitamin B complex every day 1/4 tablet crushed into her food (but hold that if using Corid, and then resume.) If you could get some clear pictures of her standing outside of the dog crate facing forward, we might be able to see something out of the ordinary. Is there any swelling, sores, or redness on her feet or legs? If using Corid in her water, dosage is 10 ml or 2 tsp of the liquid, or 1.5 tsp of the powder per gallon of water. No vitamins while on Corid.
I didn’t know that about Corid no vitamins w it.
Good to know. Can you do both Corid and wormer at same time.
I decided to treat the flock w Corid.
Day 3. I do hand feed this one scrambled eggs and make sure she drinks Corid w an eye dropper.

My neighbor said he might of kicked one by accident and he thought it was a black one. They were probably underfoot. So now I am feeling for any injury. None noticed. That seems to make the most sense is an injury.
I tried to get her to stand and she hopped back inside dog crate and laid down like stop bugging me already


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So we now think the chicken was kicked and possibly stepped on by our neighbor who is a big guy but it was an accident. So we will treat her with tender care and see if she can mend. Pretty bird.
She is pretty. Legs look pretty normal. Is she limping on either leg? How does her crop feel? In the pics, it looks a bit enlarged like she has eaten a big meal. In the morning before she has a chance to eat or drink, it should feel mostly empty.
Should I take away water and food? To check crop. I just learned about the crop. Not exactly sure what normal feels like.
Just a side note I never realized how much work chickens are! I bought a hardy breed. I figured if I fed them good and gave them clean water, safe house it would be easy. Nope! One has a swollen eye and this little one is laying down all the time. I left for 3 nights, left hubby in charge and when I get back 2 are not doing well. My hubby enjoys the chickens but he is a farmer at heart no extra fuss. I need to be more like that! Well the trouble is she is my favorite... they all are. New Hampshire reds seem hardier than the Dominique’s which is surprising! Gonna give this one love and maybe put her back with the others in a day. They miss each other. Tonight she is perching
She is pretty. Legs look pretty normal. Is she limping on either leg? How does her crop feel? In the pics, it looks a bit enlarged like she has eaten a big meal. In the morning before she has a chance to eat or drink, it should feel mostly empty.
No limping, just slow moving and likes to lay down a lot. She can move quickly when I try to catch her. But she lays down even to eat.
I felt her crop one day, it felt like a small ball. Not too hard I guess not too squishy. I did not notice too much with the others. It was after she ate too. I can give her some oil tomorrow too to see if it helps loosen it up.

Her feet feel hot to me but they all have warm feet. Odd hey?
I would not remove food except for during the night while she sleeps. After a night, her crop should normally feel mostly empty and flat. I would not give ner oil unless her crop feels hard and full in the morning.
Hen is doing better.
I put her back in the coop.
She was standing to eat and we been letting get some outdoor time.
I did treat for worms and cocci.
Also made sure she ate. Have her rest Incase it was a physical energy.

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