Chicken not laying!! Eggbound? Help!!

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    Jan 16, 2010
    Hi, I have a hen that has not been laying eggs for about 7 months now and I'm worried that she is egg bound. Her belly is large and she wadles. I've tried giving her a warm bath and rubbing her belly, but this has done nothing. She had two other chickens with her but they were attacked by an animal, she layed for about 1-2 months afterwards but then just stopped. I thought she was depressed so I got two new chickens but still no laying. I then thought it might be stress, but i have no idea!!! Help!! [​IMG]
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    I think if it was egg-bound she would have been gone long ago. I had a hen that stopped laying for months and had a large belly. Took her to one vet one gave her I think antibiotics and gave me to administrator for the next 10 days, but it only worked for the first few days. Went to another vet who drained her belly and it was green/yellow water, which was most likely cancer.

    The next time she needed to be drained, I saved the time and money and created something that will hold her in place and me and my neighbor drained her belly with a catheter. It was much less stressful then at the vet. I miss her but that she had a heck of a life!

    Pics here another site.

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