Chicken not walking or standing. Plz help


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Jun 3, 2017
Hello everyone.

I have 2 baby chickens both are 2 months old.
They were quite bubbly, active and chirpy but a month ago they caught viral and got weak. He vet gave them Z CEF 100 tablet and BOOSTWIN drops which I'm continuing since 15 days now.
They showed improvement in the beginning but only within a day or something one my chick stopped walking. It won't stand. It sits all the time. I tried checking one of its leg and it seems that it hurt him. I hand feed both of them bcoz this one doesn't show interest in eating on its own where as the other one has a cross beak issue.

Plz let me know what should I do and what should I feed them to make them healthy.

The pic attached is of the chick who can't walk.


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It could be several things, but chickens can get Marek's disease, which may cause them to to not walk or stand. There are many things it could be though. Please call your vet and tell the vet..since you've already had the baby there that is the best place to follow up.

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