Chicken not well :(


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6 Years
Jul 18, 2013
Hertfordshire, UK
One of my hens, the Columbine has not laid an egg for a few days not and she usually lays daily, she is also staying still most of the time with her head in her body. Usually she is the friendliest out of all my girls so i know there must be something wrong but i can't pin point it.

Her eyes look fine, no fluid coming out of her nose.

Does anyone have any suggestions please,

Is her crop extremely swollen or very squishy feeling?
Any discharge from her vent?
Is her abdomen swollen?
How are her stools? Solid/Liquid? Color?
Is she still eating/drinking?
What color is her comb? Pale/normal/dark red/purple
Need a little more information before can offer any advice.

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