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    Oct 8, 2013
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    I have noticed that my 3 month old chicken has been panting sometimes. She does it when she is out running around but she does it at night too when she is in her bed. I thought it might be because she was hot, so I put on the air con for her. It was pretty hot some of those days. I held a water bowl in front of her n made her drink. I thought she might be thirsty. But at the moment she sleeps in a large empty fish tank. She comes out during the day so she isn't stuck in there for ages but she is still too small to put out in the big chicken coop on her own. There is no lid on it so there is plenty of ventilation and it's big enough for her to run around. It's not a tiny gold fish tank, it's a large aquarium I have. She also has a full clean water bowl in there that she can drink from at any time. I have just checked her and her mate before I was going to bed, she is standing up and panting. It is a bit of a hot night. Not major hot but just stuffy. I moved the fan over so it blew some air into the tank just too see if she was hot and needed cooling down. She has also taken a few drinks so I don't think she is majorly thirsty. Could this be anything else, or is she just hot? Should I be worried? Thanks :)
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    Panting can be from being afraid, being hot, or pain. All these conditions I have seen make chickens pant.

    If she is gasping that is different...longer episodes of the breath and obviously an attempt to gain more airflow into the lungs. At 3 months old it wouldn't be egg binding (pain). So I'd assume she is either anxious or hot.
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