Chicken pecked in eye!

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    Mar 27, 2015
    Yesterday, I let my year 10 month old rhode island red out of the coop to free range. After an hour I checked up on her and noticed that the rooster had jumped the coop (he hasnt been introduced to her or my other new barred rocks), so im assuming he tried to mate and she didnt want to and he pecked her in the eye accidentally. Her eye is completely closed shut and when i try to open it, it has a white/grayish glaze over it. I really cant even see the white of her eye or anything. Could it be infected? What can i do to help her? She eats when given food but hardly has the motivation to roam around. I have been lightly patting her eye with salt water and given her small doses of children's advil as well as applying triple antibiotic ointment around the eye. Repeating that a few times a day has allowed her to open her eye occasionally but she mostly keeps it closed. A mucus like gunk came out the last time it was cleaned. Is there anything else i can do for her eye? Or could she be blind? :(
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    This will take some time to heal. She may go blind, but you have to keep the outside of the eye clean or else she will get a infection. As long as there is no green or thick like puss coming out of her eye she should heal.
    Keep her away from the other chickens (like in a dog kennel or something) so that if she needs emergency care you can give it to her right away.
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    Welcome to BYC. If you didn't witness the injury, it could also be a symptom of a respiratory infection, or other eye infection or injury. If you see nasal drainage, eye crusting or pus, noisy breathing, wheezes, sneezes or cough, then a respiratory disease may be possible. A picture of the eye may help. Here is a good link to read about eye disorders:

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