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    Mar 31, 2016
    hey everyone. i recently bought 2 hens from craigslist, one amerucana and one rhode island red. I had 3 hens before purchasing these 2, now making them 5 hens. The three i had previously had grew up together since they were born. When i put the new hens in with them,y old ones are bullying them. For example, the new hens would be standing around then one of my old ones would run at it and peck it aggressively while it screams. Now my RIR is bleeding and scabbing from the pecking. Now i have tried a spray called "peck no more" but that did not work; my older flock keeps beating them up. Also i can't divide the coop up because they sleep inside the housing i made them. I have provided pictures below. IF ANYONE HAS ANY SUGGESTIONS PLEASE REPLY. ANYTHING HELPS!! THANks[​IMG]

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    I'd suggesting reading the following links and trying to develop a strategy that may work for you. It does seem that you may have your work cut out, somewhat, but thinking outside the box should make it possible to devise an integration strategy.

    Using a wire dog crate, next to your run may be something to consider.

    Good luck
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    I'd section off 1/3 to 1/2 of your run and put the two new girls in there for about a 2 to 4 weeks (with their own food / water of course). The look/no touch method. After that you can let them integrate and keep an eye on how they're doing. Below is a pic of how I sectioned off my run when I got new chicks this year.

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    the older hens are probably asserting their dominance in the pecking order. let it play out. if it gets worse, or doesn't come to an end, listen to the others that posted above. have you kept them in a crate (or similar) for 2-3 days? (like mentioned above) if not, do so. make sure the older hens can see the new ones, but not hurt/attack in any way.

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