Chicken pecking to blood

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by jennymay, Jan 5, 2012.

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    Nov 8, 2009
    one of our girls has gotten very aggressive lately and has started pecking two of the other chickens to blood. We put the rooster salve on the bloody chickens and sequestered the aggressive bird for a few days... which caused a lot of stress on all five birds... but especially the sequestered one. She paced and squawked and pecked her eggs to death. We let the sequestered bird back into the coop yesterday and this morning both birds are back to bloody... but there are no pecked eggs at least. I say off with the aggressive birds head. Honey says no. Any suggestions?
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    Probably the right call. Eventually, if not stopped they could possibly all start this behaviour & it will get out of hand. You will have either dead chickens are naked ones. Trust me I have a flock now that are feather pickers & it suxs. I can honestly say that it can't be stopped & if someone tells you its protein I doubt it will help. They do need more protein to grow their feathers back but first thing is trying to get them to stop so they can grow their feathers back.
    The only cure is the axs or trimming their beaks. Good Luck & I feel your pain.
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    You could also seek to find a new home for her. Also, how much space do your chickens have? Not all breeds take to confined areas very well, and some really do need large areas to roam to be happy and keep from picking and pecking others.
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    There are a few different things you can do:

    * Vicks Vaporub placed on the damaged bums works sometimes...

    * Pinless Peepers Works, but the Chickens look really freaking silly

    * And the absolute, fix it everytime, cure.... a wrung neck and trip to the dinner table! Works everytime!! [​IMG]

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