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    I have three silkies in with my other hens. There wasn't an issue until my one silkie molted during winter, as it wasn't as cold like usual. She kept picking and picking at her feathers coming back in. Three times, I've pulled out the broken bloody feathers, separated her from the bigger hens and wrapped it up with neosporin, gauze pads and vet wrap. Each time I've left it on for weeks to heal and it does, but when the vet wrap comes off she picks at it more. Then it's starts. all over again.

    I am at a loss now how to get these to grow back and heal with out her pecking them. She is all white, so blood shows up easy.
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    You may not like the idea of using BluKote on her, but it really helps to prevent pecking, and re-pecking out of feathers by her and others. It will turn her feathers and skin dark purple, but it will eventually fad and grow out after her feathers are all in. It has to be re-applied every 3 days or so to help, but I have had head feather pecking in my polish chickens, and it has helped to heal them completely when they have been severely scalped. A bad tasting ointment such as Nustock or menthol (BenGay, etc.) might help also.

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