Chicken peep unable to see, how to deal with it?


Nov 3, 2016
Slanesville, West Virginia
This peep is maybe 14 days old if that. I have her with other chicken chicks who have been helping her find food and water but I have no clue what to do with a blind chicken. I have one that is farsighted he can see things up close but far away he cant see.

She is a sweet little peep.
I believe she was blinded due to her other brooder had its light to far in. (Not mine but the breeder we got her from)
I never have my lamps in and if I do its a no light heat bulb like for nocturnal reptiles with a regular house light farther up for them to see.

Her breeder didn't have them on chick starter ad as soon as they started eating it at my house their bodies began to fill out and poop brown poo's which I find all peeps do that when they first get on medicated feed, now they are normal color with urates in them, like a normal color and stool for birds.

My fiance has fallen in love with her and has named her Maggy. What I have also noticed if she cannot hear the bantam or mixed breed chicken peeps she cries out calling for them.

Anyone else dealt with something like this? If she survives I plan on having her and my farsighted male in a small coop and run together next to or with my bantams.
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