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    Oct 30, 2013
    Hello I live in Southern Oregon were I have 22 chickens....... 6 Rhode Island Reds 4 Australops 4 Welsummers 4 Plymouth Rocks and 4 Wyandottes .... I have a strange thing happening. My Coop set up is ....a large indoor coop with nesting box's you access from outside the coop. The Coop then leads to a Covered fenced yard with a small door to a large outdoor fenced yard. In terms of Chicken Coop decor and functionality it is pretty supreme but one of my Australops is not allowed out of the Coop. If she leaves the Coop to venture out into any of the outdoor yard space the other chickens whoop on her. They have cornered her and HEN PECKED her darn near to death her comb shows signs of HEN PECKING and her general demeanor is she has been whipped. Its not as though its a group of other chicken or a few in particular that whoop on her all 21 of the other chickens chase, peck, and just generally kick her cute little chicken butt? Why do they do this? Once she retreats to the Coop they leave her alone when they all turn in for the evening they enter the coop and pay no attention to her they don't mess with her at all? Why do they do this?

    i feel so bad for her should I re-home her its hard to watch them do this? I provide her with food and water in the coop so she doesn't have to ever leave the Coop but every now and then she will venture out only to get whipped on until she takes flight and hops my outdoor fenced yard until I can catch her and return her to the Coop. Once she is returned to the flock they whipping starts.

    Wondering if you have any ideas as to why this is happening and I am certain the answer is re homing but I wanted to ask as I am new to the site and felt for her sake I should ask.

    Tracy in Rogue River Or
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    That is a bad situation. Hopefully an experienced chicken behaviorist will be along to advise soon.

    Welcome to BYC!
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    Chickens can be cruel. If this were happening in my flock, first I would figure out who is starting it. Most likely it is the flock leader or one down from the head bird. This is the bird I would deal with, not the one being picked on. I would remove this particular bird for a while, putting her back in the flock in a week or two, and see if that does not clear up the aggression toward the attacked hen. If that didn't to it, I would either rehome the AGGRESSOR, send them to the stew pot or put pinless peepers on the bird causing all the trouble. My flock leader was brutal to my flock as well when she was younger and she wore pinless peepers on and off for a little over 2 years. I didn't have the heart to send her to the stew pot, but I couldn't stand her picking on the others. Never separate the one being picked on. ALWAYS deal with the bullies.

    Good luck with your babies. Enjoy BYC!
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    Thank you for the Welcome wishes and the advice do any of you think if I put Vicks vapor rub on her crown that they would leave her alone?


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