Chicken poo as water?


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Jul 22, 2016
Hello all!
So this past weekend my poor flock was killed by possums (we caught the sucker on camera). We had a flock of 5 chickens and one duck. Everyone was killed except for my bantam frizzle who managed to be unseen and walked away without a scratch. Well, now that we are trying to make the coup fort knox, she is living indoors with us. She has a large crate, but is allowed to roam the yard during the day. I noticed that the lining in her crate had normal poo, ceacal poo, and what appears to be just clear poo. I've witnessed her poop out the clear stuff. It's not explosive but appears as though she's peeing (but I know chickens don't pee like we do). She has stopped laying since the attack, and I believe that she's just a bit worked up from seeing her entire flock get murdered.I'm just wondering if the water poo is something to be concerned about, or if this is expected from a chicken who has been under a lot of stress. Other than that she seems fine, her energy is good and she enjoys walking around the house (with a diaper) to antagonize the dogs. I'm attaching a few images of the poo (which is dry in the picture, but left a mark on the pee pad), and her.
Maybe she has parasites. And I would guess she is still worked up from what happened because my neighbors dog killed one of our chickens when we first had chickens and the other two escaped from the dog and didn't lay for almost a month if I remember correctly.

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