Chicken poop & winter

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Dec 1, 2015
Hello everyone. First time posting here.

Was wondering, I've noticed him the past few days with the drop in temperature that the chickens are leaving less poop behind...

Was wondering if this is common during the winter. Maybe they're utilizing food more to stay warm? Meaning less waste.

They're in a insulated, sturdy coop and have plenty of bedding.

I've searched but haven't found this question posted anywhere. Thanks !
Were they eating good and drinking plenty of H2O? My chickens droppings are more firm and easier to pick up since the temp drops. With plenty of beddings they are probably just keeping them stirred up.
Make sure they are getting plenty of drinkable water, where I am we have iced up water in the morning lately. They eat less if they have less access to water.
Yes, they have plenty of scratch, a block they can pick at all day, a feeder & water in coop and run.

I'm also giving them lots of grass clippings for the ground in the run.
They drink less water when it's cooler, this will compact the droppings.

If giving them lots of grass clippings make sure they don't have impacted crops, crops should be empty in the mornings.
I have noticed their water lasting a bit longer so I think they are drinking less.

I give them grass clippings because they've long since killed the grass in their run, and of course they love to scratch and eat it. Also have a lot of red clay and the rain turns their run into a muddy mess so the clippings help.
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