Chicken pooped out something weird. Ideas?


Mar 7, 2018
I found this on the floor of the coop this morning. (Yes, it's weirdly phallic). I can only assume one of my chickens passed it last night. My bedding is coffee grounds, so that's what the dirt-like stuff is. Three of my chickens are over a year old. Two are three years old and one is 4.5 yrs. I'm in Florida, so it's hot, but they have a fan in the coop overnight and lots of big, open windows for breeze. The oldest has been kind of regurgitating water lately, which I know isn't good. But she's active, eating and laying.

Anyone ever see something like this? I'm hoping someone with experience can help.
Oh- it's not soft or gooey, like a shell-less egg. It's firm. And dry. And yes these descriptions are weird I know.
They mostly eat organic layer pellets. Some rare veggie treats and free range things. I cut it in half


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I agree with others that it's lash egg material. It's caused by infection/inflammation of the oviduct. Some do attempt treatment, it is very resistant to treatment and treatment is often not successful, particularly if it's not caught very early on. Baytril (enrofloxacin) is often the treatment of choice, if you want to treat then the help of an avian vet is a good idea if possible. I've treated several birds with this, it may have bought them some time (very hard to say), unfortunately it was not successful in any of mine. Some lived another year to 18 months, some passed much more quickly. More info here:
Thanks for the help. I agree with everyone after looking it up. I just don't know which one of the girls laid it. One isn't laying right now, but she's also molting. I don't have a good avian vet. I had a hen with an infection like this a few years ago and they would drain her belly and give her antibiotics and it would help, but then within weeks she would be sick again. It's so hard when they're pets.
It is hard. I've lost several to salpingitis. I'm always sad when that appears to be what's going on, knowing there is little I can do to help them. I keep them happy as long as they are comfortable, and then don't let them suffer when the time comes. I'm very sorry. :hugs

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