Chicken predator?


8 Years
Mar 24, 2011
My chicken coop is not quite ready yet so I converted one of my 6'H x 6'W x 10'L dog kennels into a temperary chicken coop for my older birds. The Kennel runs along the side of another kennel and the third one is to the back. I had to move a beagle out to put the chickens in. It is covered and had rocks around the outside edges the inside parts that ran parallel to the other kennel had no rocks as I figured (when the beagles were in there what was the worse that could happen? They dig into each other's coop?) Well I never bothered to put rocks in after I added the chickens and almost a month of peace and quiet has resulted. Then one of the beagles decide that he would dig into the chicken coop. That did not go well. Not at all.

As soon as he made it into the coop(I looked out my window just as he made it under the fence) He was ambushed by my Silver Laced Polish Hen. By the time I got out back to fix the situation, Rocket was back in his coop yiping while my polish, my spitz and of my Golden Comets had also made it through the hole he dug and were chasing him around pecking him. Needless to say he is now avoiding the whole fence line, sitting with his back on the opposite wall glancing with this very sorrowful look into the chicken coop. I have filled the hole with rocks and placed rocks all along the sides and my Polish is still ranting and raving....
haha, thats hilarious! i wish my chickens would do that to my dog (not that i want her hurt or anything) twice with the litttle chicks has one broken loose and my dog chase fter it, on one occasion, the chick was wet after we got her back, so I wish my chicks would stand their ground and show that they are not food, or a chew toys for that matter.
LOL, that had to be a sight.

I had a Leghorn get into our dog run yesterday during our sons graduation party.....we figure the dogs came out of the doggy door (4 labs) and there stood the 5 week old Leghorn. Feathers is all that remained.
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