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12 Years
Jun 21, 2011
Philadelphia, PA
A friend found a young chicken outside his building that must have escaped from one of the butcher shops in the Italian Market (where he lives). I am rescuing it as it definitely won't survive the night (predators). I currently have two New Hampshire Reds that are about 4 years old. Can someone please advise me as to what I should do or expect? I was planning on just adding her to the coop, but she is definitely young (maybe a few months) and I know nothing about her. Feeling nervous but don't want her to die.
They usually recommend putting some kind of fence between the newbie and the others until they get to know each other. There are many good forum archives on integrating new members to the flock...
Feel free to keep her Ina dog crate for a little bit, just offer her fresh feed and water until she's settled in. Then have her meet the other girls between a fence. :)
Should I let her run around outside, like the others, or keep her cooped up for awhile. I'm trying to figure out how to post the picture that my friend sent. Working on it.
Here's a photo. No idea what kind of chicken she is, whether she is healthy... but just couldn't let her fend for herself by herself.

Keep her! What a beauty, whatever breed it is.
Make sure she's healthy and keep an eye on her for a week or so in a large dog crate. Check her poop and see if she has external parasites.
Don't let her run free as she does not yet know where "home" is.
Bless your heart for taking her in!
We look forward to updates and photos. Hopefully some of the more experienced poultry people here will see this thread and know exactly what you have. Good luck!
Also you might want to repost photos on the 'What breed or gender is this' forum.
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