chicken resuce dont know if I should do it

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    so i found where I can rescue chickens here on the west coast

    so my delema is my 2 leghorns are aggressie not to me but like my little bit chicken i looked out into the coop and pheonix had her to the ground pecking her neck and head I put a stop to that asap! and then like last night cherrios was sound asleep on her roost and Lilly came in started pecking her and made her move (that was till the head chicken aka me steped in and let cherrios have her spot back and made lilly find a new spot) (I hate bullys and I know putting human emotions onto chickens is not realistic and wrong but I always root for the under dog and I AM TOP CHICKEN IN THE FLOCK) any ways a lot of these birds dont have beeks to fight back or defend them selfs they will be new (if i get them it will be at least 2 maybe 4) I have pleanty of room for them in the coop and run plus my birds free range from 7am to 8pm when I make there butts go inside. I just dont know I dont want to take them from one bad sitution and put them in a bullied situation.

    what do you think or would do am I over thinking it?
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    I don't think its a good idea to adopt chickens, it seems like a nice thing to do but new chickens, especially ones from bad confinements are more more likely to carry diseases and give them to your flock. Keep your chickens safe first.
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    I have to agree with this. While I love the idea of rescuing chickens, and might consider it if I had no chickens, I am very, very cautious about bringing any new, adult birds to my existing flock. You just don't know what you might be bringing home. Even if you quarantine, if they are carriers of any of the nasty respiratory diseases, you might not see any sign or symptom of it for a long time, but you will be introducing that into your flock. It's taking a chance. They may be just fine, or not, you just don't know.

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