chicken Roosts and lighting?


8 Years
Aug 27, 2011
Lincoln Nebraska
Most of my chickens refuse to get on the roosts most of them lay on the floor what can i do to change that and one other thing i have always had a light in the coop should i be doing this or should i shut the light off at night time?
How old are your chickens? Sometimes they need to be put on the roost at night if they're young. Most do best to sleep in darkness if possible. It's not uncommon for them to not roost for the night or for some to be up & down if there's light all night. It might take a bit to transition them from laying on the floor if that's important to you. Keeping an egg or fake egg or such in the box & moving the boxes up a little bit each time over time might help, or if they're older and totally stuck in their ways, giving them a box to lay in where they lay now on the floor shouldn't be a problem.
thats answerd my questionthanks !!!

mine are about 3 years i think and never had a roost untill now i purchased themin june this year and decided to make somebut they seem to hate it and refuse to go up or down !

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