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    Oct 23, 2014
    North Yorkshire, uk
    Hello! I've come up with an idea for my chicken coop but I'm new to chicken keeping so I need some advice as to whether or not my idea would be suitable. I'm planning on getting about 4-6 chickens, not entirely sure on which breeds to get yet but that's a different matter. I have no construction skills/tools whatsoever and I have no materials laying around that I can use so making my own is out, but I'm also short on money so I won't be able to afford a decent sized one ready made either. We don't have a much of a problem with predators here, but as me and my partner both work we won't always be around during the day to keep an eye on them and my garden is not designed in a way which would keep chickens in if they were free-ranging so I've decided to have a coup inside a fully-enclosed walk-in run which will give them plenty of leg room and allow us and our daughter to go in with them.

    I'm thinking of buying a 3mX2m polytunnel like this one...

    ... removing the cover and covering it instead with galvanized wire mesh which I'll dig into the ground a few inches.

    I'd like to put some kind of roof over the back half of it and a wind break down the back and the left side to protect from the whether (it gets very wet and rainy here) but I'm not entirely sure of what materials i could use for this, given its shape. Maybe some tarp? If I can find any which isn't bright blue or green and looks nice-ish D:

    All in all I don't want to spend much more than £100 modifying it to suit my chickens :s

    What do you think? It it possible?
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    I would worry that with that many modifications, you will be looking at spending more money than you want.

    something similar, and maybe less expensive, and easy enough for a first time builder, might be:

    There are also many pallet coops that are here on BYC that are pretty easy to build.

    As far as roofing/wind break on a hoop coop, a tarp will work perfectly.
  3. Alaskan

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    Other idea for building on a budget, and with no skills (I have no skills, and managed to build a free coop that has been structurally sound)...

    look st your local Facebook pages for free items, also the local Craig's list (if you have that in the UK)..

    Also, you can ask for stuff at construction sites, and if your dump allows scrounging....

    Fancy car dealerships will receive some parts in giant wooden boxes, that are a perfect chicken coop.... all you need to do is add a door and windows...

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