chicken running with egg in mouth??


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Aug 18, 2011
My father-in-law saw one of my Barred Rock hens running with an egg in her mouth / beak yesterday. This is very weird. How on earth could a hen hold an egg in her mouth? I have no reason not to believe him but it is strange. He said she even stopped and put it down then picked it up again and ran away after he yelled at her. Anyone else have this happen?
Never had it happen but I've heard of it. Most likely the egg was cracked enabling her to get a grip on it. To me that would only mean she was gonna chow down it.
Have you had a low turn over in daily egg production?
Keep a close eye, egg eaters are a bane, and they will gladly teach every hen you have that that is food coming out of their booties. You have to cull them ASAP.

The good news is, chicken and dumplings!
Oh dear, I hope my hens don't do that! The food coming out of their booties comment has me laughing so hard I woke my husband who is lying next to me asleep Thanks. I now have the giggles.
Is she your only barred rock so you know who the culprit is?
Do a search on old threads, there is a lot of information available on what to do about egg eaters.
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