Chicken safe spider killer?


Aug 27, 2018
Southern Chester County, PA
Just FYI, my yard is spider central. I live on a wooded lot in Southeast Pennsylvania, and I can honestly say if there is anywhere on EARTH with a greater density or diversity of spiders, I would be shocked! We have many native species, several invasive species, and I think even some mutants and/or hybrids, and for all I know species unknown to science. I'm an arachnophobe, but having lived here my whole life, I think anyone would be if they lived here. We've got it all, everything from tiny (highly venomous) Brown Recluse to mega-giant Great Wolf spiders (6-8 inches across), garden spiders, big webbers, jumpers, everything but tarantulas (thank God no one has released any pets...yet. Shudder!)

Anyway, some friends from church are building for me a new (desperately needed) coop for my young flock. Went in there 2 days ago to finish the nesting boxes and plan the roosts, and discovered that massive (4 inch) dark brown Wolf-type spiders had taken up residence in the ceiling. These are aggressive jumping spiders, not webbers. I don't know if they are venomous yet, as I haven't yet identified the species, but Wolf spiders are large because they are bird and rodent killers, and in addition to freaking me out they pose a significant risk to any chicks raised in that coop, possibly even to my adult birds.

Does anyone know of a chemical or other treatment I can use to kill or at least drive out these spiders that won't harm my chickens? Please don't say "a boot heel", they are very aggressive and in the ceiling, and as I said I am unable to go near them (arachnophobia). Please help!
Permethrin spray concentrate should work. I get Gordon's from the local TSC and mix it per directions for the coop.
Check with an entomologist at your state ag college, but I can't believe it wouldn't be effective.
It's fine to use with chickens, and most other insecticides shouldn't be used with them.
I'd draw the line at wolf spiders too!
When your birds are older they will be happy to kill and eat almost any 'bug' out there.
I got over being upset about spiders while living in the tropics. They are the cockroaches, both the small ones, and the big tropical individuals. Really don't like roaches!!!
I'd never pick up a spider bare handed though, bites aren't so nice.
Live in snow country! A much better place, no huge spiders!
LOL! Snakes I can handle, only bad ones around here are copperheads, and although I have seen a few over the years they don't terrify me. It's mostly black rat snakes, those are harmless and I think they are really beautiful. Spiders terrify me. It's funny, I caught my Jersey Giant rooster killing and eating a snake once. I think it was a hatchling copperhead. I tried to take it away to identify it, and my blue Cochin hen snatched it away and gulped it down!:eek:

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