Chicken seems to be molting again

Hailey Bug Hmz

Mar 5, 2020
Hi can chickens molt this late in the season I have an austrlorp that looks like she is molting again? (when we got her she was at the end of a molt)or can chickens start to molt from trauma about a month ago right before thanksgiving I had something attack and kill all but my rooster and my hen. and what ever attacked also got her but she got away (her back is almost fully healed now and looks a lot better then it did when it happened) but now her whole chest is pin feathers and I’m trying not to hold her if I don’t have to casue it probably hurts like crazy to be touched I have started putting them in the coop at night (I couldn’t put them in before casue it was to small for 6 chickens we are working on getting a bigger coop) so is it possible that made her start molting again?

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