Chicken setting on eggs in the barn - yikes!


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May 9, 2009
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I have a newbie question.
We have a chicken that we found yesterday hiding out in an area off of the barn and sitting on 15 of her eggs that are not fertile as we don't have a rooster. She was broody so we got 12 fertilized guinea eggs - we would like some guineas around and what a perfect opportunity
and swapped them out real quick. The question that we have for those of you that can help us:
1. Should we leave her out there sitting? She hasn't come into the coop for 2 nights and has made it but I'm worried. The coop is about 100 yards away.
2. If we do move her, when is the best time?
3. Where do we move her? We only have 1 coop. I'm scared for the little keets if/when they do hatch.
Any advice is HUGELY appreciated as we are very very new to all of this. Just a couple of months into chickens.
We have 9 total laying hens that come and go out of the coop/free range. We are in the process of integrating 16 6 week old chickens.
Don't worry, she'll take care of them...I have a friend whose hen hatched a bunch of chicks on a shelf 6ft from the ground... He made a ramp for them to the shelf after they hatched. As long as she isn't in any danger(predators) I'd leave her, but leave her a bowl of food and a bowl of water. She won't get off the nest but once a day if that and only long enough to poo, eat, and drink. I always leave water and feed in small bowls within reach so she doesn't have to move to eat/drink just stretch a little. They look like little statues when they are sitting.
I have a silkie brooding various and sundry chicken eggs. I was afraid she'd hatch the little ones and they'd fall out of the nest and not be able to get back in. So I had my SO make a brooder for her. I moved her and eggs after dark, left water and food, and all is well. She's "due" June 11th.

Her daughter is also brooding along side of her. She has two eggs. When they hatch, I'll be sure they're safe in the outside brooder. It's covered and they're able to move around but are still with the big girls.
Just make sure she is safe from preditors, and keep some food and water close by. She chose that spot for a reason so leave her be and just keep her happy and safe and you will soon be rewared with some fine Guinea's.

That's what I'm afraid of - that she'll be 'coon bait.
but I guess she's made it two nights now. She's hidden under the edge of a tarp. It's in a leanto off of the barn so it really isn't very safe. Our barn cat is 'on watch' as she is hanging out high up on some hay bales. There are also a couple of horses in and out close to where she has chosen. We are thinking the same thing that you all are and just let 'nature take it's course' but I do worry about the little ones when/if they get here.
Gosh - this is tough! I want to just nab her and haul her into the coop with her eggs but I'm sure she'll say 'to heck with that'
and run off and start another nest. Hopefully having the horses and that cat around will keep the coons away.
Here is how we found her yesterday morning on her 15 unfertilized eggs. (She's the white object in the middle of the tarp)
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Build a frame really quick with 2x4s and wire mesh and put it over her, weighing it down with rocks. You'd only be risking her one more night if you build it tomorrow.

Put a bit of food and water in with her, and take it off during the day.

You could also move her after she's been asleep for a bit.

Best of luck!!

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