Chicken Showmanship:the difference between disqualifications & defects

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    Mar 22, 2010
    In a showmanship class last year, I was asked what the difference between a disqualification and a defect was. I said that a disqualification was something that was completely wrong for the breed, like a Buff orpington having a rosecomb, and that a defect was something that was just not preferable, like a Buff Orpington having its comb slanted to the side. Was this a correct answer?

    Couldn't have been too bad, 'cause I got Reserve Champion. However, that could of just been because there was no one else that new it either!!
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    Congrats on the reserve champ!!

    A disqualification would be something like a rose comb on a breed that does not have a rose comb...the standard gives a great list of defects and disqualifications such as a split comb(comb that has a split in side rear)) is a disqualification due to it would be a bad hereditary trait to pass on, a crooked beak is a bad trait to carry on so DQ. a defect would be something like a color defect that was correctable in succesive generations. something that was not over all detrimental to the birds breeding fututre.

    you should really study the certian breeds vulture hocks are an absolut disqualification considered a terrible trait.....yet in certian breeds it is a requirement of the breed.. so its tricky

    overall I think a DQ is mainly something that does not belong in a breed such as rose comb on australorp, or a trait that is detrimental such as wry tail or a sign of developmental problems in spine, no toenails, crooked beak , obviously that bird and thier offspring may have a hard time eating things like that.
    Hope that makes some kind of sence..the standard gives pictures to help you..
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    Thanks! It did make sense. Do you know where I can find a standard? Is it online or can I get it at a library? Also, I never heard of vulture hocks. What are they?
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    So, is this a disqualification for quality? Or showmanship? Would pinioning be a disqualification?

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