chicken sitter


5 Years
Mar 6, 2014
Beaverton, OR
I've been searching the forums and haven't really seen an answer for me. Im needing a sitter for my chicks- they will be 5.5 weeks when we will need them watched. We are planning to go to the mountains over memorial day weekend, so 3 days. I found one chicken sitter company but because I'm so suburban they would charge me $35/day and that's jus coming once :/ am I searching wrong? Or is there a trick? I'm thinking $35/day for 4 chickens is pretty high...

There's the thread, but there don't seem to be anyone in your area. You can try...

posting on the Oregon thread under "Where am I, Where are You"
contacting your local 4-H and/or FFA leaders. Those kids are usually great around animals and always need money

Have you asked neighbors, co-workers, friends, folks at church, etc?
We are such home bodies, I'm ashamed to say we don't know anyone except by what they look like >< could be a good excuse to get to know someone! I'm definitely working on tracking down some 4 hers, really anyone who loves young chickens would be addicted to them lol. Thanks for the suggestions!

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