Chicken sneezing only while eating?

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    Jun 11, 2015
    We have one Ameraucana a little younger than 6 months (not yet laying) that seems to sneeze while eating. I've only ever seen her sneeze during time sthat she's digging for scratch that I've thrown out. Haven't noticed any of the other hens doing it and I haven't seen any discharge around her nostrils. Is this a thing? Are some chickens prone to getting dirt or dust in their nostrils?
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    I think that most chickens can sneeze occasionally for the same reasons that people sneeze--something irritates the nasal passages, whether it is dusty feed, dust in the coop which every coop has, or maybe mold or another allergen. It't when it comes very often from the same chicken that a respiratory infection such as infectious bronchitis or othef diseases might be a problem. If you are only seeing it occasionally, then it may not be anything to worry about. When you see nasal drainage, watery eyes or bubbles, facial swelling, or noisy rattly breathjng, then you need to find out what respiratory disease is going around.

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