chicken soup question need some quick answers :lol:

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    Ok I made chicken cutlets out of the breast of a meatie I had in the freezer and now I just have the carcus with the legs and such (all the dark meat) normally i would make chicken wings but have all the veggies needed for soup so i thought I would make that.

    Normally I use a ham bone with meat still on it, toss it in with some veggies and cook it down, can I do the same with the chicken?

    should I roast it first (since the ham was always cooked first)

    or can I throw it in raw and then once cooked remove the bones and put shredded chicken meat back in and cook further?

    which is better?

    Or does someone have a different way that would work well??? I am looking to make a big pot and then freeze it as I do my split pea and minastrone soups.

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    for more depth of flavor you can roast it
    for speed & efficiency- pressure cook it!
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    Quote:That's how I do it.... I throw it in raw and sometimes even frozen... put the pot on the stove and the number 2 or three setting and start chopping up my veggies to add an hour or two later.

    If you don't use the bones in your boil, you may need to add a bullion cube or two to get the right flavor... and dont forget the salt. It doesn't taste like cambells soup without the salt [​IMG] Here's what else I usually add.

    1 onion Chopped
    2 stalks Celeray chopped
    2 large carrots sliced and chopped
    1 garlic (leaf, petal?) peeled sliced and diced
    Salt to taste............

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