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    Dec 24, 2007
    I have 3 acres in Ohio. We ordered 25 chickens in August of 2007. My girls are beautiful ladies and wonderful layers (even though we live in the snow belt of Ohio). I fell in love with them and want to get more in February. They have total control of my barn. I want to build them their own laying house, since we are getting some goats in the spring (and they will get the barn). I need to know how much square footage I need for a total of 50 hens. I have read anywhere from 2-4 square feet per hen. So my question is, what is it? 2,3, or 4 square feet per ladie?
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    It depends on a) whether they will also have access to the outside, and b) how much you want to push your luck ( less space per bird = more likelihood of getting problematic levels of picking, cannibalism, susceptibility to disease, etc.

    More is generally a lot better than less - the only possible exception being in an unheated coop in MUCH MUCH colder climates than you're in.

    I know that does not really answer your question but I think it's sorta the way it is [​IMG]

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