Chicken started limping a week ago & now can't walk


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Nov 18, 2010
Hello, I have a barred rock hen that is about 4 years old and I noticed that she was limping a week ago. Then a few days later she was walking again, but still laying down a lot in the yard. Now today she can't even walk. I looked at her feet & didn't notice anything, but I have been noticing a lot of feathers in the coop. Does anyone know what could be going on with her?


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Apr 3, 2011
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Three things it could be are bumblefoot, a sprain from jumping off a roost, or broken leg. A fourth possibility could be Mareks disease, but probably not. Look at the bottom of the footpad for swelling and a dark spot. This would need bumblefoot surgery. A sprain or broken leg would need to be treated with rest in a cage. Give some vitamins in food or water every day. The leg may need splinting if it is broken. After a week or so try her out of the cage, and put her back if not better.


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Here is an alternate to surgery for bumblefoot: Note that I've never had a chicken with bumblefoot so have never treated it.

The feathers might well indicate someone is molting, or they are molting. They use a lot of protein when growing new feathers, and molting is generally rough on them anyway, being uncomfortable and a bit of a nutritional challenge. If a chicken also happens to have lice/mites or a worm infestation, this could be serious, or worse, since all these parasites rob them of nutrients.

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