Chicken staying in her box


Sep 27, 2019
My chicken is older than 8 weeks but all she does is lay in her box and when I go check for eggss puffs up and pecks at me. She's been doing this for about 3 weeks I don't know what to do for her she is eating and drinking but always in her box.
She sounds broody, which is a hormonal phase. You will need to break her by putting her in a wire bottom crate slightly elevated off the ground. It can also work to block them from their chosen nest site, or just pen them away. Generally it takes 3-5 days to break most. Unless of course you want her to try to hatch eggs.
This forum is for selling chickens 8 weeks and older. If your chicken older and has been laying, it sounds like she is broody. When a hen decides she wants to hatch eggs she will stay in the nest box and peck anything that comes near to protect her nest. If you do not want her to hatch chicks there are articles explaining how to break a broody, a good way is to set her up in a wire bottom cage with food and water, no nesting material so the air can get to her belly for a few days.
Thanks guys I appreciate all your help. Sorry it is on the wrong site I was just trying to figure out why she has been doing this.
That's OK...the thread got moved to the proper forum. ;)
...and you can answer these questions right here:
You say she is "older than 8 weeks." How much older, and has she been laying?? It does sound like broody behavior if she is somewhat mature and has been laying.

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