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Feb 11, 2017
My chicken brownie is bloated and I am not allowed to take her to the vet but she's 2 years old now and she's been like this for a year, I thought her stomache would go down and she would get better but it's gotten worse! She acts fine and can walk around like a penguin but otherwise I separated her from the other males so she doesn't lay anymore eggs. What do I do??
She may have a problem called internal laying, and might have developed ascites (fluid collecting in the lower belly.) Internal layers may walk upright or like a penguin, may occasionally lay material that looks like cooked egg in their poops, usually are not laying eggs normally, and prefer to sit around rather than walk. If infection develops, it can become egg yolk peritonitis, the most common cause of death in laying hens. There really is no treatment this far along, but some people either remove a small amount of the fluid from the belly (or better to have a vet do it) with a 16 to 18 gauge needle inserted into the belly just under the skin. This is only done occasionally, and only a small amount is removed. Here is some reading to click on about this:
@TinaHail, so sorry, your hen looks like she has ascites, which is not treatable. If she is suffering it would be best to euthanize her. Please sit down with someone in your family and figure out how to proceed. Start by having them read this post.

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