Chicken survived a predator attack. Does anyone have advice on what steps to take

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7 Years
Nov 2, 2012
Hey everyone. I'm new to this site but I use it a lot for help regarding raising backyard chickens!

Three nights ago a predator got hold of one of our chickens. I ran outside just in time, and didn't see the offender. I have a feeling it was a raccoon. Sausage (the chicken) was very scared, there were feathers everywhere. It's day three now. I have isolated her and put her in her own coop with her best buddy Biscuit. Biscuit wouldn't even think about picking on Sausage, the others however would (we have a total of 5 chickens). She was very shocked for the first day or two, would hardly move, would close her eyes and just sleep. She's still very scared, but comes our of her coop now, be it very slowly. I noticed that she wasn't eating so i've been hand feeding her, switching up between baby food and a egg yolk/honey/oat/cat food mix that i've seen on this site a lot. She's definitely perked up and I have seen her drinking. She is no where near as perky as she used to pe though.

However, the thing is I have noticed some wounds. She has 3 one inch wounds. One around her neck, and two at the top of her wing. I decided to check throughly as her neck looks a little puffy. They are very dry and are not oozing any liquid. I applied neosporn as that is all I have available. I am worried that the puffy neck is infection, but is it a possibility that it is just swelling from the wound?
Any help would be appreciated, we love our chickens a lot, and I want to everything that I can to help her.

Thank you all for being so helpful on this site!
Bring the bird inside and give her a bath.
Wash all wounds and remove all debris, broken feathers, dead skin
Dry the bird
Do an exam. Get a chart of all the chicken parts and make sure your bird is not missing any. Coons are nasty, and they can remove a crop from chicken and leave the chicken alive and suffering for days.
Hopefully that lump you feel is her crop
Keep the bird warm, she is probably in shock
If she has a crop, offer her water with ACV
Apply antibacterial ointment, and NuStock to all injuries. If you see visible muscle damage and parts missing you need to take the bird to a vet or cull her.
Chickens are remarkable creatures and can survive some nasty attacks if you act and give treatments. Hopefully it is minor and the few days did no harm.
Good luck
Thank you so much! I will take the steps you suggested. There are a lot of broken feathers stuck to her wounds. Luckily the wound on her neck is not near her crop, I think it is just a superficial wound, as are the wounds on her back.

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