chicken swallowed a dime right in front of me


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Sep 7, 2020
So, Cinnamon the rescue hen was walking around with a dime in her mouth, before I could get it she swallowed it. I do not feel anything in her throat, it seems to have gone down the hatch. What should I look for? Will it pass? Her crop seems empty, except for some gravel I can feel in it. She had it in her mouth anad when I went to get it she swallowed it.
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What should I look for? Will it pass?
Dimes aren't very big.. hopefully it will pass. if not it may be stuck in the gizzard.. but as long as things are still grinding.. appetite is fine and droppings are still coming then.. no worries..

If appetite decreases to none or only thirsty or droppings turn to liquid ONLY.. then take emergency action.. Otherwise.. fingers crossed! I haven;t heard of dimes cause hardware disease. :fl
She is not well today, made her vomit from her crop and pink fluid came out I am afraid it is in her gizzard, no avian vets nearby
I noticed this thread was back in December, I had a Easter Egger hen, ( also named cinnamon ) swallow a penny before and it passed without any problems. Sorry I could not get to this thread sooner, but I have some advice if your hens swallow some inedible object, give her 2 to 3 mils of mineral oil with a dropper, that should help it pass through the crop and gizzard and also help with any impacted crop problems as well. Use vegetable oil to lubricate her vent to help pass it. If things are not looking better do this daily. Like @EggSighted4Life has said above, refusal to eat, only drinking, also a lethargic attitude is a bad sign. If you hen has still not passed the object, then massage the crop gently but do not massage to hard or the crop fluid may seep into the lungs and can be deadly. After that Give her a warm epsom salt bath this will relax her muscles and help the object pass quicker, and get rid of any toxins she may have ingested. After the bath, Lubricate her vent again. If she has still not passed the object, then keep her Isolated from other chickens in a room and keep a close eye on her. Let her have access to things like food and water in this enviroment, Help her feel comfortable. Hopefully she will soon then pass the object within 24 hours. Hopefully with daily care Epsom salt baths, vent lubrication, and mineral oil she will pass the object. Hope all went well with Cinnamon!
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